Oncology Abstractor

We are looking for resident physicians or medical students who are fluent in oncology terminology to help us interpret and organize clinical oncology data.


  • Help generate robust data sets by extracting key data points from electronic health records using Oncochain’s proprietary software system.
  • You are familiar with all aspects of how cancer is treated, from diagnosis to recovery, and be fluent in cancer terminology.
  • You have a high comfort level with technology.
  • You have a demonstrated exceptional attention to detail. Experience with data entry, including strong typing skills, is helpful.
  • You are interested in part-time work, consider yourself a self-motivated learner and are excited about the potential that Oncochain has to innovate cancer care.


  • Laptop provided - no special equipment needed besides an internet connection
  • Completely flexible hours (only a 10-hour minimum weekly commitment)

Bucharest, RO

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