The world needs viable data to FIGHT CANCER.

Oncochain brings data to life.
We create the perfect framework to facilitate collection of real-world data
and accelerate cancer research.

Data Curation

- We provide a complete oncology data curation service for providers.  
- We create operational patient data repositories for RWD studies.
- We aggregate anonymized data from multiple sources and contribute to RWE generation.

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Data Analytics

- We generate analytics that catalyse study design processes.
- We facilitate patient trial recruitment.
- We create the framework for multi-centric academic studies and expedite scientific article publishing.

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‍Tumour Boards

Our Features

- We offer a specific timeline for each patient that follows the newest guidelines for fast input of relevant information.
- We are GDPR compliant and adhere to the latest privacy by design rules.
- We capture longitudinal data for better surveillance and scientific relevance.
- We also offer the possibility to perform cloud tumour boards for better clinical management of patients.

We integrate
the latest interoperability standards and international classifications.

*The Oncochain Platform is not a medical device, it is not intended for diagnostic use and it is not a substitute for partner's or customer's primary data source.

- For research use only.

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