28.02.2023: Oncochain obtains a 195k euro grant from Innovation Norway to further develop its AI capabilities!

The world needs viable data to FIGHT CANCER.

Oncochain brings data to life.
We create the perfect framework to facilitate retrospective collection of real-world data
and accelerate cancer research.

Retrospective Data Curation

- We offer providers a innovate software for retrospective data curation named OncoAbstrakt.
- OncoAbstrakt creates operational patient data repositories for RWD studies.
‍- Anonymized data from multiple sources c contribute t

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Data Analytics

- We generate analytics that catalyse study design processes.
- We create the framework for multi-centric academic studies and expedite scientific article publishing.

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Retrospective longitudinal data

Our Features

- We offer a specific timeline for each patient where collection is done considering the relevant guidelines for fast input of relevant information.
- We are GDPR compliant and adhere to the latest privacy by design rules.
- We capture longitudinal data for better scientific relevance.

We integrate
the latest interoperability standards and international classifications.

*The Oncochain Platform is not a medical device, it is not intended for diagnostic use and it is not a substitute for partner's or customer's primary data source.

- For research use only.

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