Create operational patient data repositories and
contribute to RWE generation!

Build institutional physician-led CLINICAL REGISTRIES with Oncochain!

We empower oncology professionals with a user-friendly platform that offers
access to in-depth patient-level data visualisation and provides an advanced analytics tool to explore center's own data. The Oncochain Platform generates valuable insights, aids daily practice and expands research capabilities.

Participate in
powerful Research

- Propose your own study design: retrospective or prospective
- Connect with your peers with same interests
- Perform multicentric academic studies
- Expedite scientific article publishing
- Catalyze trial recruitment

Benefit from a
Validated Data Model

The Oncochain Platform offers a common up-to-date data model that includes the most used international classifications and their latest releases.

Perform Cloud
Tumour Boards

The Oncochain Platform offers the perfect framework for online multidisciplinary meetings and collaborative decision-making.

Learn how it works.

Pacient signs digital consent

An e-Consent add-on is integrated directly in the platform. Oncochain provides the necessary hardware to make the process flawless.


We export data from center's current EMR

Because of interoperability standards, we can extract specific data directly from your hospital's EMR/EHR.

Input additional data

Other important, but less accessible data, like tumour progression and disease recurrence, is inputed by Oncochain's trained professional abstractors or local approved staff members based on unstructured data.


Monitor analytics & Perform or Participate in RWD studies

We generate reliable and useful analytics to drive improvements in daily practice and aid delivery of value-based care for patients.
We generate patient registries with highly curated data elements that can be used to perform observational studies on center's own data or participate in network's proposed RWD studies.


Technologies we use

The infrastructure is fully hosted by Amazon Web Services, from the Kubernetes clusters running on EC2 instances, code repositories and CI/CD pipelines to the AWS managed databases and S3 file storage. These all enable security, fast release cycles, scalability and of course, the much-needed reliability required in healthcare.

Security of the data is platforms’ top priority and is handled by using private networks, encrypted transports, data anonymization and even end-to-end encryption.

The AWS QLDB further brings immutable, trackable and verifiable change history of patient e-consents.

Our Differentiators

Understanding Partner Needs

We individualise our product and experience in accordance to the local feed-back and requirements.

Ethical and Legal

We focus on data protection (the architecture is built according to defined rules of privacy by design and GDPR compliance).

Interoperability between Providers

We provide interoperability between healthcare providers for improved care coordination and patient experience.

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