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Why choose Mediflux?

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Roxana Margan
Why choose Mediflux?


Solving the hardest problems using one single tool

Our solution addresses one of the most urgent challenges faced by healthcare organisations and professionals: data management and delivers a strong return on investment.

Ease of deployment and maintenance

Our solution is lightweight, easy to implement, and requires minimal IT involvement for ongoing maintenance, updates, or support.

Facilitating medical research

Our solution enables medical research through structured medical data registries by embedding their creation in the day-to-day medical practice.

Improving efficiencies and reducing costs

Our solution streamlines care delivery, increases patient-specificity and patient documents accessibility to timely medical intervention.

Complying with regulations

Our solution helps healthcare organizations comply with industry-wide regulations such as GDPR & HIPAA.

Safeguarding patients’ personal health information

Our cloud-based SaaS solution provides security at the cloud level, application level, and service level to ensure that patients’ personal health information is safeguarded.

Mediflux is designed to revolutionise medical research by harnessing the power of AI algorithms and providing an interactive and secure digital environment.

Our goal is to help you enhance the speed and quality of your research processes, offering the latest technologies, computational capacity, automatic workflows, and analysis capabilities, thus enabling seamless handling of large-scale data.

Mediflux employs AI algorithms to create an interactive and responsive digital environment for medical research.

Mediflux increases the speed and quality of the research processes by providing the computational capacity, automatic workflows, and analysis capabilities mandatory for handling data at scale.